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a mobile home in the east bay goes up in flames what investigators say they ruled out as the cause. dozens of contraptions are put to the test in san francisco. which one flew and which ones
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flopped. thank you for joining us on this special post game edition of channel 2 news, i'm heather holmes. >> a crowd demanding an end to violence against men in the community. . >> reporter: this is oakland police headquarters, which got a visit from an angry crowd, demanding change. hundreds of people started outside of oakland city hall protesting police brutality. it was in name of 18-year-old allen, shot and killed by a police officers last may. >> opd has a systematic institutionalized problems they refuse to address and it's come
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to the point again beyond the point where they need to address the issues. >> reporter: the family and supporters held similar rallies. they support from unions. one man suggested a general strike like one that happened during the occupy protest should happen in this case. >> those are the kinds of actions the labor movement needs to take to put an end to the police brutality. it's happening too often. the protesters marched around oakland. allen's mother led the way. prosecutors declined to file charges saying the officer fired in self defense. . >> it's not my job to agree or disagree but my job is to make sure the message can be head no matter what it might be.
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>> reporter: the captain couldn't comment on the bring cade but officers are out protecting the people of oakland everyday. this were some tepees moments aboard a southwest airlines flight that took off from oak land this afternoon. the boeing 7337 landed at denver when officials say it slid off of the taxi way. the plane with the nose down, passengers who say they were aboard tweeted the pictures, 1905 took off with 125 passengers and 5 crew members aboard. airport spokesman says nobody was hurt. it began snowing around the time of the landing and no word if weather was a factor. a suspect wanted in connection with san jose's 41st homicide has been found dead. troy edward was found dead inside his car this afternoon, in san ba nino county.
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it appears he committed suicide. homicide detectives in oakland are investigating the shooting there that left a teenager dead, witnesses say a car pulled up next to the victim's vehicle after 7:00 p.m., on the court. the gunman got out, fired several rounds in to the vehicle. the 18 year old victim died there at the scene. the oakland tribune reports the victim was in h is car outside his home and shot. police haven't made arrests. crews rushed to a fire this morning that destroyed a mobile home. it broke out after 11:00 a.m. the home was engulfed in flames by the time firefighters arrived. nobody was hurt, and officials say the fire does not appear to be suspicious. firefighters are busy with a two alarm house fire in
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newark. viewers sent us this video taken as firefighters were getting on the scene. the fire on serve rine started on the side of the garage. workers were doing renovation and noticed the garage was on fire. the cause is under investigation but doesn't appear to be suspicious. several people were forced out of their apartment by fire in san jose. the fire department says the fire was reported before 1:00 a.m. one unit destroyed. no one was hurt and investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started. new information tonight on the chain of events that led to cia director, david petraeus.
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fbi was investigating a report by often identified woman that paula broadwell was sending her harassing emails. agents stumble ed across evidence that petraeus and broadwell were having an affair, both were married. lockheed martin ousted its president over relationships with a subordinate. the board of directors asked christopher to resign from his role as vice chairman, president and chief operating officer. scheduled to become ceo in january. an ethics investigation confirmed the relationship which violates the code of ethics and conduct. censure for allegedly trying to shut down a blogger. the contra costa times says
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they -- she asked an engineer to stop a her collies man from blogging about her. an engineer firm is working on a plant for hercules. president obama added to his electoral college total. the florida secretary of state says the president drew 50% of the vote, compared to mitt romney's 49.1%. the difference only 74,000 votes. that margin was enough by state law to avoid an automatic recount. the win in florida gives president obama 3332 electoral college votes and victories in of the 9 swing states. a rights organization held
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a forum to call for the stop of the secure communities program. the united and defensive image rights coalition says it sends fingerprints to immigration and custom enforcement which leads to deportation. a organizer says because of the program, victims of crime such as domestic violence and robberies are scared to call for help for fear of being deported. >> that's not justices it's not fair. it erodes the trust tathe community has with the police. >> 1734 residents have been deported by s s-com. students who take too long to graduate could face higher fees. body of trustees is set to vote on a graduation incentive fees
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for super seniors. the fee would be phased in over two years. some students say it's not fair because not all class are offered every semester. red bull fluke dog event soared. the homemade flying machines hoping to take flight today. >> reporter: some are feats of arrow dynamics and engineering, others not so much. flying day in german. the goal is flight, most designers just gave in despite the fancy. the tech shops are using skills as builders to launch a tara dak tall -- tear dak tell.
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. >> anybody tells you they have control of how their things have been flying, they are telling the truth. >> still creativity and showmanship are important, too, something which these pterodactyl pilots took to heart. go to for videos and
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interviews. scroll down to the video player. temperatures dropping off rapidly now across the bay area. the clearest skys and for a second morning in a row, talking about a frost advisory for the region. now, notice the clear skies throughout with main cloud deck up to the north and to the west. as far as current numbers, you can see 40s towards santa rosa, napa and fairfield. details on the frost vivary for the north bay valleys and the mountains,ing at thing sanoma, temperatures dropping to near the 30-degree mac and upper 20s out there. this is sunday morning, 2:00 until 8:00. look at the projected numbers tomorrow morning. keep the plants warm and animals warm. temperatures 30 degrees in santa rosa. not as cold but chilly for san francisco around 43 degrees. coming up, we will look at the
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temperatures for afternoon highs in your neighborhood, and break down shower chances in the five day forecast. nearly a week since 7000 union workers walked off the job. a spokesman told ktvu news, they submitted the last and final of to the workers union, fife weeks ago. the union never let members vote despite the strike. employees say one of the major sticking points in negotiations is keeping the health care plan the way it is. the raiders are mourning the death of the 4 year old son of the team's defensive line coach, williams. the team said tyson williams died last night at oakland childrens hospital after he fell i'll this month. allen said we are deeply saddened by the passing of tyson and deepest sympathies go to torrell and his family.
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>> water main break, why officials say mother nature may have had something to do with it. >> changes for parole violaters across california. after the storm, how thousands on the east coast are recovering from the damage.
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how you doing? alright, alright. now this is a party. what is that? go, go, go.
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mmm. give me some of that sauce. i don't know, i think i might bail. yeah, it's pretty dead. [ male announcer ] one is never enough. new kfc dip'ems. freshly prepared tenders dipped in irresistible sauces. this is it. now this is a party. [ male announcer ] try a 20 pc bucket with 6 sauces. today tastes so good. water main breaks in palo alto. it happened at the intersection of walnut drive and newel road. the flood waters seeped through a side wall of one home causing minor doge. utility workers broke through asphalt to remove and replace one of the cast iron pipes that broke. they suspect the freezing temperatures overnight, might have caused the pipes to burst.
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one man is recovering tonight after he was shot at a drive by shooting in east palo alto. the 23 year old victim was parked and in a parked car with friends on albernie, east of willow road, another car drove past and shot at them. the victim is at a hospital in stable condition. no arrests have been made. members of the occupy cal encampment dismantled tents, set up yesterday to mark a year since police broke it up. last year, police used batons to remove the occupiers. protesters accused the officers of excessive force and filed a $15 million lawsuit which is still pending. a state official says starting next week, officers will review outside standing arrest for thousands of parole violaters looking at the cases of 7000
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felons convicted of nonviolent offenses. critics say it's like offering amnesty. the state says the review will ease the burden p on counties which are set to take over responsibility for low level offenders. to our continuing coverage of super storm sandy. thousands of residents are still without power, here we are nearly two weeks after the devastating storm. hundreds protested outside the new york utility company angry over the long wait to have power restored. 175,000 households in new jersey alone are power less, despite promises by chris christie that power would be on by now. by all accounts patience is wearing thin. >> utility officials say workers are repairing unprecedented storm damage as fast as possible.
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6400 linemen and 3700 tree trimmers are at work compared with 200 on a normal day.
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u.s.s. hornet honored neil armstrong with a veterans day tribute. the floating museum celebrated the re-opening of its apollo exhibit. it's the ship that recovered the aircraft and astronauts neil armstrong, aldrin and collins. the expanded exhibit also includes rare photos and displays of the space missions. >> we wanted to re-open it today, being the veterans day weekend and memorial for neil armstrong. it was appropriate that today was the day we would do the grand re-opening. >> festivities included this, the flyover by historic aircraft. >> you can see blue skies but chilly. the coolest locations, 30 degrees. few the mom teres might show upper 20s tomorrow morning. showers have moved out. cold air remains in place.
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a life storm tracker 2 radar. a few high clouds approaching the northwest tip of the california. as far as the frost advisory develop, begins tomorrow at 2:00 for the knot bay. temperatures around 29-32 degrees, frost advisory until 8:00 sunday morning. the same deal we had from this morning out there across the region. temperatures this afternoon, we have been cooling off and really not much change for today. 50s, to lower 60s out there. sap tarosa 62. antioch in the 50ss 58 degrees. forecast headlines for tonight, fair skies, chilly. tomorrow, morning frost, partly sunny skies and then the extended we could be tracking a mixture of sun and clouds and a few showers, the chance as we look at the five day. temperature forecast for tomorrow morning, with the 30s
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and the 40s, putting this in to motion in to the afternoon hours. somewhat of a recovery. lots of 50s, warmest locations, green contour link up with the 60s. the warmest locations around 60 degrees. this has been the weather system responsible for the cool down, beginning to scoot to north and the east, the showers are gone but tonight clear and cold out there, for tomorrow, as we take this in to sunday, a dry forecast, few high clouds moving in to the region from the pacific. this is the forecast model. we will show you the forecast model. partly sunny skies, for your sundays afternoon at 5:00, notice we will take this in to monday. tracking rain chances to the north of you chious. the same deal as we head in to tuesday. cloud cover for the rest of the day area. for tomorrow, partly sunny skies, temperatures in the 50s around 57 degrees. numbers for the afternoon highs
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after a cold start about the same as today, could be warmer in a few spots, san jose 60, san mateo, 59 degrees. your five day forecasts veterans day, cool for the afternoon highs, after the cold start. we could have frost first thing monday and few extra clouds by tuesday. showers the best bet on thursday for day five. started out the week in the 80s. thousands of people headed to san mateo on the hunt for arts and crafts. shoppers combed through 200 booths for item as at the san mateo event center. admission is 9 bucks for adults. anyone who brings a nonparishable item gets $2 off. it raises money for the humane society and spca, reusable shopping bags.
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>> we have 24,000 different unique one of a kind different jewelry, books, leather. >> the event continues through tomorrow. new findings on the golden state warriors.
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new war yous arena would mean as a $54 million boost. a report from the body of soupvos budget app list says the reap would generate $19 million a year. that money is based op having events at the reap more than half theee. the reap, if given the grep light will be bill on piers 30- 32 wp fife years. we are, it was a streaky day for the football team, which overcame its mistakes
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against oo state. still controls the destiny in the pack 12 title race. 17 seniors made the walk to the stadium as they were honored top final home game. hogan made it 4-0, rolled out in front of ryan.
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more than five minutes to play. 13-yard pass. stanford back in front at 27- 23. san jose quarterback, fails through four touchdown passes today against new mexico state, steve clarkson for the all time record, full back. not the fastest man on the field. once he got rumbling, he wouldn't be stopped. 58 yards at the end zone. 38-0 spartans. manly loses the ball, picked up by the spartans
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